Brisbane based creative specialist.

I am a Brisbane born and raised creative specialist with interest in marketing, design, photography, videography, and more.

My services

I always enjoy taking on a new project, being invited into a new situation, and determining what opportunities have yet to been exploited. I love helping people reach their goals through creative ideas and projects.

Marketing Consultation

In my experience working with many small and medium sized companies I have found that a well planned marketing strategy is an essential accompaniment to your core business product.

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Graphic & Logo Design

Graphic design can be the difference between your message being engaged with or simply being scrolled past in today's media heavy landscape.

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Photography & Videography

Photography & videography are hobbies of mine that I am enjoying exploring as another creative way of telling a story.

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Invigorate your business

I would love to bring a new creative edge to your purpose - get in touch for a free consultation.


About me

I'm a Brisbane local, with a love for anything creative. I have worked in the Rugby League industry for a number for years and pictured is my dog Alfie.


I found the team at Higgins Media to be very approachable and I was impressed with the level of communication throughout the project to ensure that all our expectations were met. Will definitely use them again.

Louwen Heng
Westlake Dental

Honest and upfront advice on resolving website development issues. Fast turnaround time and excellent communications. Highly recommend to anyone who needs an upfront, reliable and solutions-focused provider! NB. Despite the shared surname, we are not related!

Leewyn Higgins
QS Law

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